The value of Amazon Prime Membership for trade show coordinators and managers

For those of you who are not familiar with Amazon Prime, an offer from the on-line retailer, this membership is a way to greatly reduce your costs on shipping of purchases through the Amazon website.  While not all purchases qualify, almost any commonly used trade show supply can be purchased through an Prime supplier and it is easy to tell if the purchase qualifies for Amazon Prime shipping on the prodcut listing pages.

Cleaning your trade show booth and carpet without the help of union labor

As you probably already know the purchase of cleaning services are very expensive at a trade show. I recommend that you plan to clean the booth by yourself. Are you allowed to clean your booth and carpet yourself? As long as you are in a right to work state you may do all of the cleaning yourself provided that you are wearing an exhibitor badge.

Trade Show Tip: Using any Computer to run a digital display with HDMI inputs

Using USB 2.0 to HDMI® Display Adapter w/ Audio to run an HDMI compatible monitor with an older laptop or desktop We purchased a new 52" LCD display for one of our clients. In general we find that owning a display makes sense if the monitor will be used more than twice a year. The pricing is now low enough, that the savings from owning the unit more than makes up for the convenience and worry free strategy of renting.

Trade Show and Corporate Event Services

From helping to create your new exhibit, to working with you to run the new booth property at various trade show venues, to working with your team to develop your next corporate meeting or event, our staff will be there for you. We will work with your current suppliers or help you to choose new ones. And the results will be astounding!

Our staff members are experts at both the creative process and the negotiation and logistics procedures that are necessary for your needs!

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Consider Trade Show

We have been working on a series of articles to help you reduce costs and reduce your hassles at your 2009 trade show venues. Economic pressures create new challenges around every corner, and we are working to provide suitable solutions.
Fuel costs have split in half since August, but shipping is still a major contributor to the line item costs of your trade show budget. When trying to reduce the costs of shipping consider Railroad Shipping or Shipping by Rail.