We Are...

  1. Knowledgeable – best at reducing costs without compromise
  2. Extremely responsive – speak with live people and get results immediately
  3. Proactive – we work to solve your problems without your request….just the way you would expect other members of your staff to perform.
  4. Dedicated – we’ll put everything that we have into your project, get you the results that you need and simplify your life!

Booth & Staff Training

We are well equipped to work with you staff and train them on the ins and outs of running your display

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Trade Show Expense Audit

Trade show display installation and dismantle fees run up very quickly. It is imperative that you have a strong handle on what these expenses are now, and perhaps more impotantly, what these expenses should be.

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Exhibit Const. Liaison Services

We can help with every aspect of the trade show exhibit purchase process

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Booth & Exhibit Construction

If you want to maximize your ROI, and decrease your costs, the company that you choose for exhibit booth construction is important.

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Booth & Display Modifications

The design of you display or exhibit with respect to labor and machinery involved for setup...

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Exhibit & Display Design

The design of your exhibit booth with respect to both marketing impact and complexity of set-up is very important.

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Trade Show Exhibit Mgt.

Tradeshow exhibit management fees add-up very quickly. Have a strong team that watches the bottom line manage your display.

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